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16 Urdu Adab Mein Haryana Ke Adeebon Ka Hissa

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Kashmiri Lal  Zakir & Shams Tabrezi This book is of  prime importance as is depricts the progressive trend regarding different forms in urdu literature, with special reference to the progress made in urdu literature in Haryana. 35.00  
17 Ramish-0-Rang Ramish-0
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Dr. Betab Alipuri This book comprises Urdu ghazals of Rajya Kavi,Jaimin Sar Shar. An endeavour has been made to compile the choicest and the nicest ghazals of the poet. 32.00  
18 Jawahar Lal Nehru Apni Tehreeron Ki Roshni Mein Jawahar-Lal
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Kashmiri Lal Zakir Abdul latif Aazmi This book  depicts the multifaceted personality of the first Prime Minister of India who was a nationalist to the core of his heart. Different pictures of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru also enhance the charm of reading. Free of Cost  
19 Muhibb-e- Watan Iqbal Jawahar-Lal
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Syed Muzaffar Hussain Burni

In this book the philosophy of great urdu poet Iqbal has been very beautiful presented.


20 Khawaja Ahmed Abbas-Ifkar.Guftar,Kirdar Khawaja-Ahmed
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Raj Narain Raz It is one of the remarkable publications of the Akademi. This book reflects the various aspects of the life and works of well known Novelist,short Story writers Film.Director & Producer Khawaja Ahmed Abbas 23.00  
21 Jang-e-Azadi aur Shura-e-Haryana Jang-e
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Prof. K.C. Yadav

This book comprises those poems of revolutionary poets which were confiscated by British imperialists.


22 Hali Panipati Ki Ghazalen Hali-Panipati
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Mohinder Partap Chand This book is also in devnagri . Hali's meaningful view point of social reform and character building pervades & dominates through out the entire book. Meaning of different words are also given to facilitate Hindi reader. 16.00  
23 Tehreek-e-Azadi (Urdu) Tehreek
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Nashir Naqvi

This book highlights the contribution of Urdu writers & poets in the freedom movement of India.


24 Nasheb -o-Faraz Nasheb
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Amir Chand Bahar

It  comprises the ghazals & poems of noted Urdu poet of Haryana,Sh. Amir Chand Bahar.

25 Naqsh -Gar Naqsh
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Hira Nand Soz & K.L.Zakir

This is a very useful book for research scholars of fiction as it comprises selected short stories of reputed story writers of Haryana.

23.00 65.00
26 ZAFAR NAMA zafar
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-- This book was published on the 300 Anniversary of Khalsa Panth. In this book the pharsi kalam of SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI MAHARAJ is translated in to URDU. Free of Cost  
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Published by Haryana Urdu Akademi

This book is based on the information about those soilders who were died in the battle of KARGIL.


Free of Cost  
29 Ibtdai Urdu Qaida Ibtdai
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Dr. Zar Allami

Very useful primary book for learning urdu with the help of Hindi.

28 Hali & Sar -Zameen-e-hali   Hali-Panipati
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Kashmiri Lal Zakir & Nashir Naqui

The first critic of urdu language belonged to Panipat. This book high lights the memorable literary contribution of hali Panipat

30 Ghalib aur sar Zameen-e-Haryana  ghalib
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Kashmiri Lal Zakir

This book is very useful for research scholars. It elucidates the bonds of Ghalib & Haryana. This book is of great significance from subject -matter point of view.