Haryana Urdu Akademi came into existence On 22nd December,1985 with the sole objective of promotion and development of Urdu language & literature in Haryana. It has carved out a niche at the national level by introducing innovative and pioneering schemes to popularize Urdu language.

Haryana Urdu Akademi's main objectives are :-

  • To promote & Propogate Urdu language in Haryana.
  • To open Urdu Centres in the State for the aspirants interested in learning Urdu.
  • Promotion of folk literature in Haryana.
  • To publish & familiarise the literary contributions of Urdu writers.
  • To provide financial assistance to aged literary persons.
  • To render financial aid for publishing the books of Haryanvi writers.
  • To aid and assist the liteary Socities & Institutions of Haryana for organising urdu functions.
  • To organise Mushairas,Seminars,Workshops and Conferences for the promotion & propagation of Urdu.
  • To give awards to Haryana & outside urdu writers for their literary services.
  • To publish manuscripts & books of Urdu literature penned down by the writers of Haryana.
  • To promote cultural links of Urdu & Haryana.